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The Importance of Safety Labels

Labels: obligation and information

The Inail document indicates that anyone who places a dangerous substance or mixture on the market “has the obligation to affix a label giving information about its dangerousness “. In particular, the label affixed to the package “must contain the following information :

name, address and telephone number of the supplier or suppliers security label.

nominal quantity of the substance or mixture contained in the package made available;

product identifiers (name and numbers);

any hazard pictograms;

warnings, if any;

indications of danger, if any;

any safety advice;

additional information, if necessary “.

Watch out for labels

In conclusion, we report some indications taken from the information sheets ” Dangerous substances: instructions for use ” attached to the Inail document. The cards, aimed at workers, remind the importance of both safety data sheets (“consult the Safety Data Sheets of the products before use. You will receive the necessary information for safe behavior, even in the event of an accident”), and of the labels : “Always read the label before using a chemical. Not doing so means ignoring the risks you run;

do not transfer substances into containers other than the original ones. If you have to do this, remember to carefully clean up the new container first, removing, if present, the old label and labeling it again; verify that all hazardous materials are properly labeled. If you are not sure what a container contains, avoid using the contents and notify your supervisor ”.

The cases in which there are particular exceptions to labeling are then reported :

“Transportable gas cylinders;

gas cylinders for propane, butane or liquefied petroleum gas;

aerosols and containers fitted with a sealed spraying device and containing materials or mixes categorized as hazardous by aspiration;

metals in massive form, alloys, blends containing polymers, blends containing elastomers;

explosives placed on the market intended to produce explosive or pyrotechnic effects;

substances or mixes categorized as corrosive to elements , but not categorized for skin eroding or severe eye trauma “.

Labels: affixing and exceptions

With reference to what is indicated by the labeling legislation, the Inail document indicates that the label “must be firmly affixed to several faces of the packaging that contains the substance or mixture and must be able to be read horizontally when the packaging is placed in normal. The color and presentation of the label are such that the pictograms must be clearly visible ”.