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More Facts About Building Management System

A Building Management System (BMS) or Building Automation System (BAS) is a computer-based control system that monitors daily readings from various building electrical and mechanical systems. A BAS typically consists of three distinct components: sensors, servers, and databases.

Sensors detect changes and send data to a server, while a BMS database stores data and responses. building management system hong kong ensures optimal security, comfort, HVAC, fire safety, lighting, power, and other equipment.

Invest in Smart Building Technology.

Using innovative building technology at home or work has many advantages. Features like sun-tracking, water reclamation, rainwater harvesting, and more are known for increasing this efficiency and also overall safety of this building to that they are connected. Buildings that use smart technology have lower operating costs, are cleaner, safer, and more livable.

These smart-systems can manage various building systems such as:

Lockdown system

Management of Cards and IDs


Parkade CO emission monitoring

Elevator watch

HVAC controls

Heat storage

Tenant veto

Video surveillance systems, etc.

10 Benefits of BMS

Smart Energy Connect

Building management systems benefit buildings of all sizes, and some of their benefits are listed below:

Energy efficiency and cost reduction

When blinds/shutters are controlled to track sunlight transmission, Smart Energy Connect is saved, and heating/cooling costs are lowered. In addition to metering and building energy signature research, this method can help optimize building automation controls.

Low upkeep required

Smart systems maintenance can be automated, saving time and money.

Enhanced labor productivity and lower service costs

Installation and management of systems can be done via cellphones, saving money on service costs.

Occupant Protection

During an evacuation, renters are kept safe by monitoring elevators and escalators, CCTV cameras, and shutters.

Occupant Safety

Video surveillance can be integrated into the BMS for easy facility supervision.

Strengthening the structure

The BMS system ensures optimal performance of all property sub-systems.

Extend system and equipment life

System configuration errors and performance degradation can be detected in advance.

Easy access and control of property systems

The BMS’s graphical software interface is simple to use and offers remote control of building sub-systems.

Sustainable building infrastructure

Building management systems are often built to be scalable and flexible to the property’s needs.

BMS Improves Building Efficiency

These building energy management systems are cost-effective and long-term energy-saving solutions.

Intelligent building technology integration into an existing structure is a delicate and complex procedure best left to the pros. Relight Solutions has a track record of integrating and designing new building management systems from scratch. We provide cutting-edge software and hardware that effortlessly integrates. Our intelligent solutions are adapted to your property’s specific demands for security, energy conservation, or sustainability.