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Immigration Law Firm Services in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most influential countries when it comes to migration services. It has served as a model for many other countries regarding their legal procedures and guidelines about immigration. The immigration law firm hong kong is in charge of processing entry visas, extensions of stay, variations of conditions, travel documents for people who hold the right of abode in Hong Kong, and resettlement applications.

Hong Kong’s Procedures for Migration Applications

The main procedure applied by the department focuses on screening visa applicants so they can be approved within seconds upon passing through the electronic gates at ports where officers are stationed. This feature aims to expedite passengers’ clearance so they will not be disallowed from boarding their flights.

However, the said system does not apply to all applicants. The following are exempted from e-Channel:

  1. First-time visitors who need a pre-arrival registration;
  1. Applicants who look like minors;
  1. Persons traveling in group tours with tour guides; and
  1. Persons who do not possess ordinary passports (e.g., HKSAR Travel Pass holders)

The e-Channel facility allows passengers to use automated immigration clearance at selected ports or terminals in Hong Kong where officers are stationed for regular visa inspections of arriving passengers’ travel documents by using electronic gates which read machine-readable zone on the passport’s data page, facial recognition technology and immigration database checks (Manual selection gate for e-Channel users). Get some help from the best immigration lawyer hong kong.

immigration law firm hong kong

Eligibility Criteria of Hong Kong’s Visa Application via Electronic Visa Application system

As to the criteria when applying visa application, an individual must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have a valid travel document with a validity exceeding six months;
  1. Hold a passport issued by the country in which they are currently staying;
  1. Has never been employed as a crew member on board any vessel engaged in the fisheries business or on any farm or factory ship;
  1. Is not suffering from mental disorders and alcoholism, drug addiction, or infectious disease such as HIV/AIDS.
  1. Has not been imposed with a criminal sentence of imprisonment (except for suspended sentences) of at least one month or more, according to the country’s laws in which they are currently staying.

Hong Kong’s Visa Categories and Eligibility Criteria

The Hong Kong Immigration Department indicates that there are two types of visas: (1) Visitor visas; and (2) General visas.

Visitor visas: Visitors enter Hong Kong for a period not exceeding 14 days unless approved by the director of immigration. Applicants must provide necessary documents when applying for one, such as their birth certificate with a copy duly attested.

General visas: An available visa can be granted to applicants who wish to reside in Hong Kong for a certain length of time, depending on the different purposes they have in mind.