At proofreading they work with the magnifying glass
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At proofreading they work with the magnifying glass

Spelling and grammar are not bread for all teeth, and the talent for expressing oneself is not innate. Our reviewers are capable of rectifying, simplifying complex sentences and correcting errors. Apostroph’s proofreading and proofreading transforms disconnected text into a smooth, fluid continum for reading proofreading services.

  • Reliable control and correction down to the smallest detail.
  • Stylistic revision to enhance and renew previously written texts.
  • Adaptation of texts to the target group and intended use.

Our proofreaders like texts with unorthodox spelling. Their passion is racing with the virtual tire behind any kind of error. This service is useful for texts with a precise style that need to be subjected to a second reading. We make corrections directly in your CMS or add them to the PDF file. After your last check, you can issue a “visa to print” or “visa to be published”.

The refinement of the style takes place during the revision

The review assignments that arrive from Apostroph concern degree and master theses, technical documents, websites, company presentations, application letters and even private letters (for which we guarantee the usual confidentiality). Our copywriters are expert linguists, able to intervene on any non-linear formulation and errors. They rejuvenate dated texts and translations with a fresh and modern language.

proofreading services

We check and correct:

  • grammar
  • spelling and punctuation according to the latest spelling rules
  • typography and indents
  • register and style
  • fluency in reading and ease of reading
  • comprehensibility of the transmitted contents
  • linguistic peculiarities
  • approach and localization (is the text formulated appropriately for the target group?)
  • adherence of the contents to the message to be transmitted
  • compliance with Corporate Language

Comparative revision of translations

Instead of focusing on grammar, style and spelling, comparative review compares the translation with the source text. Sentence by sentence, our mother tongue reviewers check the consistency and completeness of the content, check if the language style matches the target group and if cultural differences have been considered.

The benefits of our proofreading and proofreading services at a glance

  • Qualified reviewers and proofreaders
  • Employment of mother tongue reviewers
  • Availability of both services in 90 languages
  • Experience from complex specialist texts to private correspondence
  • Proven style and spelling
  • Sensitivity towards the target group
  • Reliable control and correction down to the smallest detail
  • SSL encryption for secure data transferred to.


Automatic spell check, punctuation, stylistic errors online. You can choose the rigor of the text analysis (from a personal letter to scientific articles). In addition, the program checks what is written for plagiarism and immediately shows if there is such text on the Internet.

If you just need to comb your work lightly and are familiar with English grammar, this resource is the perfect solution. You will receive the final result (all comments and tips for correcting errors) within a couple of minutes. The work will be banned according to the 250 basic rules; they will offer synonyms and remove unnecessary words.