How To Ensure You’re Trading Platform Is Secure
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How To Ensure You’re Trading Platform Is Secure

In the revolutionary digital world of cryptocurrency, one is only safe if they do things in their self-interest. And, with the technology constantly changing, more people are opening up accounts on cryptocurrency trading platforms like the bitcode method every day. But how do these platforms make sure that everything is kept secure?

1. Two-Factor Authentication

There is one way that you can go about making sure that your money is safe, and that is through some really good, strong passwords. However, with hackers managing to beat even the strongest of passwords every single day, it may be for the best if you rely only partially on them.

2. Always Keep Your Interface Up To Date

If your interface is out of date, it could be compromised. Hackers can find ways to get into your account and steal your money or even lock you out to extort money from you in exchange for unlocking it.

3. Don’t Rely On Third Parties When Trading

Most of these exchanges are not officially licensed by the government and need internal security measures. And, if you’re going to jump to crypto trading, you’ll want to ensure that you don’t deal with a third party entirely.

4. Only Trade with Highly Trusted Traders

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There are a lot of fraudulent exchanges out there that are making money by taking advantage of people’s insecurities and greed. They don’t care whether they’re holding onto your money or not as long as they get their cut.

5. Always Keep Your Computer On and Up To Date

Even if an exchange has solid security measures, it doesn’t mean it can keep hackers and other malicious users at bay. These hackers constantly seek new and innovative ways to get money from others. And as such, you’ll always want to leave your computer on and supervised.

6. Keep a Backup Copy of Your Wallet

While the main goal of a cryptocurrency wallet is to store your currency for safekeeping, it can be an extremely risky move if you don’t store a backup copy of it in some remote location that is out of harm’s way.

  • While most advanced users typically don’t store their wallets online, all experts agree that you should always keep a backup copy stored in some remote location.
  • This backup will allow you to keep your money at hand while ensuring that no one will hack into your wallet and steal your funds.

7. Do not Login to your Account in public places

In the ever-growing digital world, never login into your account using public Wi-Fi or public places as you’re confidential information may be hacked into.


Of course, there are many other things that you can do to keep your account safe and secure. Even though most cryptocurrency exchanges like bitcode method are doing their best to ensure the safety of their users, they may need help to keep the hackers away.