Automotive Parts Die Casting
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Unleash Your Ideas About Automotive Parts Die Casting

If you’re seeking the greatest die casting and want to make a splash, go no further than EKO in Malaysia’s automotive parts die casting services.

EKO Industries is Malaysia’s largest industrial manufacturing firm, specializing in precision die casting, CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, and other value-added manufacturing services and product development. Appropriate inspection measures were put in place across the board, from design to manufacturing to logistics, to assure consistent and high-quality die casting and sheet metal part production with the lowest possible defect rate.

What is automotive die casting?

The way parts for the automotive industry are created is continually being reinvented as new technologies emerge. Die casting processes are now widely used in the industry to create metal parts with infinite depths, shapes, and forms.

Automative parts Die casting, which involves pouring molten metal into a casting mold under pressure, can make pieces with even the most complex geometry and with astonishing precision. All of these factors combined make die casting the ideal answer for the automotive industry, where dimensional accuracy in parts is crucial.

Automotive Parts Die Casting

What are the different kinds of metals used?

The three principal metals utilized in die casting parts for the automotive industry are magnesium, aluminum, and zinc. The former two enable the fabrication of high-performance, lightweight parts, but the latter offers greater flexibility, allowing for the production of components with more complex shapes.

What automotive die casting is special?

Die casting parts for the automobile sector have been in high demand, as more companies recognize its adaptability, dependability, and accuracy.

EKO, a major participant in the die casting business, provides cutting-edge solutions for firms wishing to improve their die casting operations and cut costs.

What can the automotive diecast produce?

Die casting can be used to make a variety of components in addition to engine blocks and gearbox cases, such as:

  • Engine components, such as cylinder heads and gasoline engines
  • Electronic cover – protects the gearbox, motor, and other electronic components.
  • Shock towers, torque bars, and other single-piece structural elements
  • Stepper motors
  • Heat Dissipators.

Factors affecting the Price of the automotive 

The type of materials used, the wall thickness, the area that the part covers and the tolerance of the part are all factors that influence manufacturing costs.


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