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Signs Telling You It’s Time To Replace Your Oid Boiler

Your boiler is an essential appliance at home. It is frequently used to the point that it can account for up to 60% of your energy expenses. That is why you must ensure that it’s in good shape. This includes regularly checking if everything is working fine and if you need a new one installed by Boiler installation Edinburgh. Doing so will improve the quality of the heating and hot water it provides for your home, lower your carbon footprint and energy bills, and make your energy use more efficient. If you have noticed that your energy bills have skyrocketed for the past months, then maybe it’s time to see if you need a new boiler. Here are some signs of a problematic boiler that you must look out for.

Boiler Is More Than A Decade Old

Even if your boiler works fine, it is best that you consider replacing it if it’s more than 10 to 15 years old. This is because newer appliances are better for the environment and are more efficient than their older ones. And for that long, there is no doubt that some parts of your old boiler is no longer working as expected. Most likely that your old boiler loses pressure occasionally and needs to have its internal parts fixed frequently.

Requires Frequent Repairs

You’re wasting your money if you must get your boiler serviced many times a year. Boilers should last up to 15 years with only minor repairs. And when you notice that you have to call in a technician a few times already, then you might want to think about how inefficient your boiler is getting and how much your electricity costs are going up. In this case, it’s clear that you need to find a boiler expert to install a new one. 

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Boiler Is Leaking

Any appliances that are leaking is not good. There could be some reasons why your boiler is leaking. These problems include corrosion in the system or heat exchanger issues. The boiler’s temperature control valve, broken pipe fittings, and broken boiler pump seals are also common reasons for leaking.

Strange Noise And Smell

If your boiler makes strange sounds or gives out an odd smell, it probably has problems inside and needs fixing or replacing. Appliances that show these signs are often in need of urgent repair. If they are old, sometimes technicians will advise homeowners to have a new one installed instead to avoid future expensive repairs.

Issues With Water Temperature

If the water temperature fluctuates when you turn on different faucets, showers, or bathtubs in your home, it may be time to have your boiler re-pressurized. If that doesn’t work, your technician will tell you to have a new one installed instead.

Energy Bill Are Too High

If you replace your old boiler with a new condensing version, you can save a huge fraction per year on energy costs. If you notice that your monthly energy costs are increasing, you may need to get a new boiler.

Making sure that your boiler at home is in top shape will give you peace of mind that it’s not only safe to use, but also prevents you from wasting money on high energy bills. If you are in need of experts in boiler installation in Edinburgh, go ahead and get in touch with Reliaheat today.